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After quite a few months, we’re delighted to showcase the new Emirates welcome on board video. 2016

An enormous amount of work went into this, it was a great team co produced in Dubai and Bangkok and to be viewed by over 40 million passengers in the next year, fully refreshable as well this piece should stand longevity and keep peoples interest as to what’s happening on ice Emirates Airline’s IFE.

Soon to come is our fully animated Group safety video with custom designed 3D characters showing a broad spectrum of the international people that work for Emirates.

As well as this we have just delivered a heavily stylised info graphic for PWC and continuing to work with PepsiCo on their sales training to be integrated into their LMS system. We’ll be posting those soon

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Emirates welcome on board 2016

Well it took a while but we’re delighted to showcase Emirates Airlines new welcome on board video for 2016. The idea was to completely make the background and cabin in cgi. We wanted to show a fantasy world of entertainment and information that you could lose yourself in, yet retain certain characteristics of the aircraft such as windows and overhead lockers in the background.
Another challenge was to bring this down to TVC length at 90 seconds, with so much going on it was a difficult task but in the end it all worked out.
Welcome on board

Dir: James Ashburn | Luscious Motion
CD: Brian Shepherd | Spitfire
Exec Prod: Amanda Confavreux | MG Films
Bangkok Prod | Nunu Wandee Lime Productions
Post supervisor | Matt Szabo | Oriental Post | Smoke and Mirrors Bangkok
CGI | Bartek Dabkowski
Original score | Hollaphonic courtesy of Universal music

On 26, Jul 2015 | In | By admin

Emirates Airline “Drama” ice

Another ident for Emirates, this one covering Drama and a car chase played out between the ice logo. Did you spot the A380?

Client: Emirates Airline, ice
CGI : Geof De La Cruz, Spitfire

On 26, Jul 2015 | In | By admin

Emirates “Quest”

Welcome to Fred our African Tree frog hand reared and grown in our cgi studio.
This is one of 26 different genre idents that incorporate the ice logo as part of the surrounding scene. Quest is the gateway to ice’s documentary channels onboard.

Client: Emirates Airline, ice
CGI: Geoff De La Cruz, Spitfire

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Emirates Airline “Runway”

This is the start of many new bumpers for Emirates Airline ice system.
We came up with and love this idea of taking all the signage and markings you see at an airport and adapt them into stings for ice. There are many more of these on the way so keep watching to see how we changed an airport!

Client : ice, Emirates Airline
Post: Spitfire
Online : Dave Bell

On 26, Aug 2013 | In | By admin

Emirates A380 Terminal

A lower res render animation than the stills for the new A380 terminal in Dubai.
Client | Emirates

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Emirates On Air Wifi

A 2D/3D motion graphic for ice ife advertising the on air wi fi availability on board the Emirates A380 fleet.

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Emirates ICE

Emirates needed an in flight video that was not only engaging and entertaining but educational and informative. Making a unique film such as this for Emirates involved several challenges. The one that really stood out was how to cover such a wide range of subjects: information, communication and entertainment in a very short space of time. The solution was to combine a small amount of live action with a lot of animation.

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