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After quite a few months, we’re delighted to showcase the new Emirates welcome on board video. 2016

An enormous amount of work went into this, it was a great team co produced in Dubai and Bangkok and to be viewed by over 40 million passengers in the next year, fully refreshable as well this piece should stand longevity and keep peoples interest as to what’s happening on ice Emirates Airline’s IFE.

Soon to come is our fully animated Group safety video with custom designed 3D characters showing a broad spectrum of the international people that work for Emirates.

As well as this we have just delivered a heavily stylised info graphic for PWC and continuing to work with PepsiCo on their sales training to be integrated into their LMS system. We’ll be posting those soon

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On 26, Aug 2013 | In | By admin

Gold Ring Trailer

This trailer is an adaptation from the books of Qais Sedki Gold Ring 1 and 2 is the story of 15-year-old Emirati falconer, Sultan. These are the first Arabic Manga books to have come out of the UAE.
The debut book in the series sold over 7000 copies. A year later Qais became the first national recipient of the prestigious Sheikh Zayed Book Award for Children’s Literature.
Our aim with this trailer is to develop a 6 part series each 30 minutes in duration for prime time viewing in Ramadan.

Production Company | Trucial States, Abu Dhabi
Animation | Muhammad Hamze
Background artist | Rosie Forster
Post production | Spitfire
Special thanks to Trucial States, with whom’s backing made this trailer possible.
Special thanks to Trucial States, with whom’s backing made this trailer possible.
Music owned by and courtesy of Young Future Group, Singer Rasha Rizq all rights reserved