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After quite a few months, we’re delighted to showcase the new Emirates welcome on board video. 2016

An enormous amount of work went into this, it was a great team co produced in Dubai and Bangkok and to be viewed by over 40 million passengers in the next year, fully refreshable as well this piece should stand longevity and keep peoples interest as to what’s happening on ice Emirates Airline’s IFE.

Soon to come is our fully animated Group safety video with custom designed 3D characters showing a broad spectrum of the international people that work for Emirates.

As well as this we have just delivered a heavily stylised info graphic for PWC and continuing to work with PepsiCo on their sales training to be integrated into their LMS system. We’ll be posting those soon

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Emirates ICE

Emirates needed an in flight video that was not only engaging and entertaining but educational and informative. Making a unique film such as this for Emirates involved several challenges. The one that really stood out was how to cover such a wide range of subjects: information, communication and entertainment in a very short space of time. The solution was to combine a small amount of live action with a lot of animation.

The first phase, after 3 days of filming on RED at 4K, was to build an edit that had as few cutpoints as possible. Our aim was to stitch shots together in order to flow in a seamless fashion from one to another. In the end, we had only 22 cut points over a 2 minute 10 second period. The next objective was to complete the CGI interaction with actors, using resources of Maya, After effects, Flame and a powerful render farm.

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